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Korrie “King” Morrow

Relationship Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker, & Social Media Guru

Korrie Morrow, aka King, is a 33 year old Chicago born social media personality, relationship coach, and author. Being a God-fearing man, Korrie uses social media to inspire and encourage people to be their very best and to be authentically engaged in the process of love, life, and relationships.

His first book, “Just Listen, King Speaks” is being praised by readers all over the world and deemed a pivotal component in recognizing one’s self- worth.

It is an inspirational book created to inspire people in their time of need and will help strengthen and, ultimately, lead and guide people to the real true love that they need in their life! The highly anticipated sequel, “Just Listen, King Speaks- More Intense” which will be released in January 2016 is sure to have readers even more encouraged to recognize their self worth and to wait on the real quality love that they know they deserve.

My Blog

What is the definition of settling, and what does it mean to you? Settle- to adopt a more steady or secure style of life, especially in a permanent job and home. So, does it sound like I’m hitting close to home with the current relationship you’re in now? Most often, we settle into relationships knowing that we are not genuinely in love because the person we truly love has either moved on, has gotten married, or has passed away. You must let go.

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Happy Customers

Amazing and inspiring book! Helped me to heal my pain and understand better of relationship. Love it simply amazing can't wait to order another one!


Just finished reading the first book. So inspirational and really hit home. It's a pity there's not more men like him out there!


Just listen is an awesome book! Definitely worth the money and worth the read. Ladies if your going through a rough time in your relationship, trying to get out of one, just got out of one or your single. Buy this book! It will help you and tell you're friends.

Kaitlyn Maclntosh

I love it help me in every aspect in my life. I felt like the books was truly made for me. Thank you and God bless you king.


Mr. King was simply amazing. Always willing to listen. Great wise advise. I was able to let go of someone that held me back from happiness and I will forever be thankful.


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